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Our objective is to deliver shirts you'll be proud to wear again and again and again. That's why we make our shirts from high quality materials, use specialised equipment, employ skilled people and check quality at every step in the process. The result is a great value garment that will out play and out last so called 'cheaper' shirts.

• Free fabric samples
When you request a quote, we'll send you samples of the actual fabric and colours you've chosen so you can feel and see exactly what you're getting.

Great value We aim to produce high quality shirts and do so at the best possible price. They’re not the cheapest you can get, but they are the best value because they’ll still look good long after cheaper shirts have worn out.
Total quality control We own manufacturing facilities in Australia and in Vietnam. Unlike companies that outsource, this means we can control quality at every stage, from the initial design through the selection of fabrics to cutting, making and packing the final garment.
High quality materials We work with leading fabric manufacturers in Australia and overseas. We specify a high standard of material and require them to meet these standards consistently. As a result, our shirts look - and feel - great.
Consistent results Because we do not outsource, we can guarantee consistency. With large orders, this means that the first shirt and the last will be identical. It also means that if you order more shirts next year, they'll look the same as the shirts you get this year - vital for uniforms.
To judge quality, try the wash test A simple test of quality is to see how a shirt looks after washing. You'll find cheap shirts lose their colour, shape or sweat-wicking ability after a few washes. Our shirts will still look great even after repeated washes.